Leicester Atelier is part of the Leicester School of Architecture [LSA]:

  • it embodies the School’s learning-teaching ethos and seeks to enhance and support the learning of our students with direct experience of practice + research;
  • it is a project office providing architectural design services to clients, partners and stakeholders – and offering students opportunities for paid employment working on architectural design commissions or consultancy, as well as model-making and prototype making commissions;
  • it supports and coordinates live projects within the School’s design studios – offering students opportunity to respond to real clients, briefs and sites, and;
  • it is also a research centre for the School’s practice research and research led practice – staff undertake a range of practice based activities, from photography to self-build construction and architectural design services, that are embedded in a research framework or narrative.

As a practice office, Leicester Atelier draws upon the considerable expertise of LSA staff in architectural design, urban design, housing, construction and prototype design + construction. Atelier also benefits from, and utilises, the excellent workshops and fabrication equipment available within DMU’s Faculty of Art Design and Humanities, including the significant expertise of its technicians in 3d printing, laser-cutting, water-jet cutting and traditional fabrication techniques in timber, metal, ceramics, glass and other materials.

If you are interested in discussing how the Atelier might

  • provide you with architectural design services;
  • provide you with design consultancy or development advice;
  • partner with you and/or other consultants to provide architectural design services;
  • partner or collaborate with you in design-research or practice-research

please contact:

Neil Stacey, Leicester Atelier Director: nstacey@dmu.ac.uk / 0116 257 7411 (voicemail available)

Atelier is part of the LSA’s Architecture Research Group